Hello 2012! Hello Edmodo.

I am currently enjoying my summer holidays in the sun. I have met with some inspiring educators and discussed some new ideas for the coming year. I shared how I have been using Edmodo with my students and how I have found it to be a great tool for encouraging communication and sharing ideas and resources with students outside of the classroom. I’ve also found the teacher connections to be an amazing way of gaining and sharing resources with educators from around the world. Edmodo is well worth a look. Check it out and be sure to look me up here

Posting homework on Edmodo is simple. It allows you to post the work and attach a due date, it then notifies you when the students have submitted their completed work.

An Edmodo is also available on iPad and iPhone. Both are mobile versions of the whole site and therefor slightly limiting but they’re more than fine for posting quick replies to student questions and for performing a range of simple tasks while out of the classroom.


As stated earlier, Edmodo is well worth a look, especially if you join a few teacher community pages that interest you as an educator. You are sure to find loads of useful resources from like minded teachers worldwide.


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