What Motivates Us

I recently attended a professional learning session where this animation was shown. What resonated with me is the notion that when boundaries and limitations are removed; students/people perform better. That is not to say that I believe giving students, particularly young students, complete freedom without guidance or some structure and expect them all to produce something of substance is a realistic expectation. It is something that has in fact been quite successful if managed sensibly.

Check it out

A colleague attended a conference where a discussion arouse about happy and fulfilled employees perform better others. It’s a pretty simple concept right? Treat people well and respectfully, and they will be happy to work harder. Furthermore, give people the opportunity to express their creativity and you will be very surprised by what they are capable of.

As an educator, I try very hard to ensure that assessment is not something that gets in the way of the creative opportunities that I provide for my students. Instead, it becomes integrated into the tasks and is it becomes a regular and ongoing process. We are blessed to live in an age where technology allows us to easily capture the learning that occurs in our rooms. Students are able to keep detailed logs and journals that reflect their changing understandings.

The RSA Animates youtube page has other great examples of interesting concepts that will spark discussion and get you thinking.

Just some food for thought.


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