Skype in the classroom

Skype has been around for ages. We have all used it to communicate with friends and families all over the world but few of us teachers have probably used it as a teaching tool. Crazy huh? Well the good people at Skype have come up with a great idea, it’s called Skype in the classroom.

It’s a network of teachers and their students that allows you to meet new people, discover new cultures and connect with classes from around the world, all without leaving the classroom.

You can participate in a vast range of collaborative projects across a number of subject areas, connect with other classes, browse through 1000s of online resources or check out a loads of projects going on around the world.

I’ve signed up and am excited about using Skype in the classroom this year. Look me up if you are interested in working on a small project this year. Stay tuned for further updates regarding our class projects this year.


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