Potential SOPA impact on Australia

You may have heard that Wikipedia has shut up shop for the day in protest.

The protest is concerning a bill that is being reviewed by the US congress that has far reaching implications for all internet users. The controversial legislation is aimed at stopping piracy, but it’s ambiguous language and definitions are dangerously broad.

Under the proposed legislation vital websites that we all use on a daily basis like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc. are all at risk of having to comply with devastating implications of the legislation or face legal action due to copyright infringements caused by their users.

Australia has recently signed a fair trade agreement with the US that includes the intellectual property and copyright laws of the US. This could mean that the Australian government could be asked to adopt and support this proposed legislation.

The beauty of the internet is that it knows no boundaries and that supports a free and open source of information. All users have the right to freedom of expression and that offers us all with all of the weird and wonderful things that the internet provides.

As educators, we rely on the availability of these rich sources of content in order to make our lessons fun, engaging and relevant. The internet is about freedom of information not censorship. This proposed legislation has overarching ramifications for the global community who all love and use an uncensored and unrestricted  internet.

Please join the biggest international online petition ever and show for concern.


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