iPhone 4 – Read to me feature

I recently came across a little gem of a feature found within the preferences of iOS (the operating software of Apple wireless devices such as iPhone and iPad) called Speak Selection. As the name suggests, Speak Selection will speak any selected text that is highlighted on your device. All you have to do is enable the setting, select or highlight the text and press speak. This has multiple classroom applications and I’m sure you’ll enjoy thinking up new and interesting ways to use this feature in your classroom or personal life such as listening to a bunch of emails or student writing samples on your way into school.

To enable the Speak Selection feature
1.Go to Settings – General – Accessibility

2. Enable Speak Selection

3. Be sure to turn the speaking rate down as the device reads quite quickly.

4. Highlight a selection of text by holding your finger down on the text, you will notice that a new option appears called Speak.


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