Downloading Clips Off YouTube

Ok, so recently quiet a few staff members have asked me if you are able to download clips off YouTube. The answer of course to this question is yes! There are lots of different websites that allow you to do this but one of my favourites is It’s incredibly easy to use and requires no sign up nor does it have any limitation on the file size of downloads like other similar sites.

To make the explanation a little easier, I created a little how to video. Please excuse my husky winter voice as I’m just getting over a cold. Enjoy.


rED Writing – Australian made handwriting app and so much more

As an Australian teacher, I am often faced with a small issue when looking for Spelling and Phonic apps. While there are some excellent handwriting apps out there that are great teaching tools, they don’t actually teach Australian cursive font and each Australian State seems to have a different preferred font style. Furthermore, nearly all spelling and phonic apps use American accents making things slightly confusing for some students as some letters or words are pronounced differently.

That is until now…
rED Writing is a relatively new app that is available through the iTunes app store. It is the only app currently available on iTunes that teaches children how to write letters and numbers using Australian education approved font. rED Writing contains 8 x education approved handwriting fonts used throughout Australian schools (QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and NT) to trace and learn.It is jam packed with fun activities, while the sticker album and trophy cabinet will keep the students engaged. I particularly like the Shake-A-Letter and the Letter of the Day features, there is also a really great button that allows you to add or remove the writing guide lines to provide a challenge. The hilarious Australian words of encouragement like “Super Terrific” and “Grooovy”

Check it out.