Microsoft Surface Tablet – New mobile device, same old Microsoft

In the land of Windows and Microsoft, there was great anticipation and excitement about the new Microsoft Surface Tablet. The very first tablet made by the tech giant in its attempt to win back customers and hopefully challenge Apple in the mobile tablet market. There was much hype surrounding the release of the device by the loyal Micro-geeks and true to form, Microsoft delivered what it usually delivers. A cheap and inferior product!
Watch the clip below to see what I’m talking about.

Is it just me, or does everything about this product launch scream “rip off!”? Even the casually dressed Windows Exec presenting seems to have watched hours and hours of Steve Jobs footage in an attempt to make the piece of rubbish in his hand look cooler. Here’s an idea, forget about trying to be cool and just make a product that actually works… It’s really no surprise that something like this would happen to Microsoft is it? The have such a long standing history of producing cheap, unreliable and down right blatant copies of other pieces of technology that the though of this happening to them when launching a product almost seemed a given.

So what you see in this clip can be perfectly replicated in any scenario. You too can buy a cheap and inferiorly designed and produced tablet and have it crash on you when all you want it to do is work. This video is a perfect example of what you can expect when taking the “cheaper” option when it comes to quality technology. So if you are trying to convince someone to purchase an iPad as opposed to an android tablet or this cheap rip off, do yourself a favour and who them this clip. Better yet, show it your principal, especially if you’re trying to justify the purchase of iPads for your school.

Here’s another little clip that you might like.


101 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers You Should Know About

Just a quick post to share this great resource. It’s a collection of web based tools that are available and waiting to be used in your classroom. There are some obvious tools that many of us already use on this list but there are also some absolute little gems. I’ve just set a up a PodOmatic channel for my class and am looking forward to publishing our podcasts on our very own podcast channel. Check it out.
101 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers You Should Know About.