iPad Implementation Professional Learning Session

I have recently been asked to deliver a professional learning session regarding the implementation of an iPad rollout for schools. I’m really excited about sharing my thoughts and offering some solutions to some of the issues schools face when moving towards implementing iPads in their schools. I am even more excited about involving some of my students as presenters at this Professional Learning session as two grade 4 students asked if they could demo their favourite app.

Here are the details of the professional learning session.

Implementing an iPad Initiative Professional Learning Session

Are you planning on implementing iPads at your school? Have you recently purchased iPads and are not quite sure where to start? Do you currently have iPads and would like to gain further ideas about classroom integration? Come along to our professional learning session where you will hear the about the benefits and limitations of various implementation options, get advice on finding apps and where you will find the answers to a range of questions that you and your school may have about iPads.

Date            Thursday 23rd August 2012
Time            4:00pm –  6:00pm
Venue          St Albans Meadows Primary School Auditorium, 2 Laurel Street, St. Albans Vic 3021


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