Common Craft – Explanations made simple

Just a very quick post to share a useful little website I came across this afternoon called Common Craft.
Common Craft is a great website that houses simple and clear explanations about many complicated tech areas.
You can browse through their video library categories and find a large number of video explanations on subjects such as podcasting, twitter, augmented reality etc. This site would be great if you were presenting info to colleagues or students who have very little prior knowledge on a particular subject.

The animations are simple and I believe this promotes greater understanding for the viewers as they do not distract the viewer from the explanation.
Oh and before I forget, this site is 100% iPad friendly as the online videos are not flash based.

You can access the transcript of each video along with a quick summary on what the video explains in a quick bullet point format. Great for teachers who don’t have time to sit and watch each and every video while planning.

Common Craft offer memberships for people who want to download their online clips or embed them onto their blogs, websites etc.  You don’t have to be a member to browse and view their online clips, that part of the website is free and ready for use.

Give it a quick look when you get a chance, you might even learn a thing or two 😉


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