Socrative Exit Tickets

If like me, you’ve started the academic year with ideas of improving and enhancing your practises, you’re probably thinking about how best to collect and utilise formative assessment material to inform your teaching and target students who need your help the most. This has always been an area of my teaching that I have struggled with. I always thought that there must be a smarter and more efficient way to collect this information throughout lessons but I could never quite master all of the various suggestions offered to me by many of my peers. Some teachers love handwriting anecdotal notes, pages and pages of it, and that works for them but it never really suited my teaching style.

So after a bit of research, I decided to start using the Exit Tickets survey on Socrative as a reflective tool at the end of all of my Maths lessons for the last 3 weeks. What I have found is that I am able easily to collect important information about how each and every student felt about their ability to understand the content of the lesson. Furthermore, I am able to compile all of this information and quickly review the responses to help me from my next focus teaching groups based on the needs of the individuals.

So let me explain how it works.
1. The teacher creates a free account by visiting where they are given a unique class code.
2. During the lesson, the teacher logs on to and selects the “Exit Ticket” for their class.
3. Students can use the free Socrative Student App on their iPads or they can visit and enter the class code.
4. The student are then asked 4 simple questions
a) Their name
b) How they felt they understood the lesson – multiple choice
c) What they learnt during the lesson – short written response
d) Solve the question on the board (the teacher will need to construct a review question on the board for the students to answer using Socrative.
5. Once all of the students complete the survey, the teacher is then able to review the results or email themselves a very handy csv (Excel) file which contains all of the information.

Using Socrative, teachers can also create their own quizzes for students. These quizzes can be made up of multiple choice answers, response type questions or a combination of the two. Again, the results can be viewed online or emailed for your own record keeping.

I have decided to take a baby bite and only use the Exit Tickets for the moment but it is clear that using Socrative has already enhanced the way in which I collect and analyse information about my lessons.

Combining Socrative and Evernote is another powerful way to record, storage and review the assessment data from Socrative. It also allows you to share the data with a team of other educators. The possibilities are endless and I feel as though I have just scratched the surface.

Here is a great video that better explains what Socrative Exit Tickets are and how it might be used within an educational setting. Enjoy.


8 comments on “Socrative Exit Tickets

  1. Hi Dan,
    I have been using Socrative for a year and the difference it makes to your class is amazing. The tool I have been using lately is the response and then student vote to peer review and assess their responses – finding this takes it up a notch in the higher order thinking skills

    • Hi Paula,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m really enjoying the difference it’s making to my room. I look forward to utilising some more advanced features such as the way you are using Socrative.

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  5. HI Dan!
    Thanks for sharing this! I think using Socrative Exit Tickets are a realy a great way to get a “temperature check” from students and see where they’re at with the learning. Also, helps guide the teacher’s instruction for the next day. How easy are you finding to use it? Do you end up using it daily? Or do you use other forms or formative assessment in combination with this.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Maria

      Thanks for your message. I love using socrative exit tickets to “temperature check” my class. On average, I’d probably use Socrative 2 to 3 times a week which gives me enough info to make informed decisions about my student. I use Showbie to provide regular and ongoing feedback to my students which helps me get a better picture of their understanding. What types of tech tools do you use for formative assessment with your students?


      • I love Socrative, too!! It’s one of my favorites! Lots of teachers use the different features in it like the Space Race and Quick Question. One of my favorite features in it though, is the Exit Ticket. More and more teachers are trying that out in class here. Another really popular form. assessment tech tool our school seems to like a lot this year, is Kahoot. It’s more game-show like. The kids really love it. Like Socrative, it exports the data to spreadsheets. You have to do a little setup to create the assessment beforehand, but it doesn’t take long. I don’t think it has a pre-made Exit Ticket. Also, lots of teachers like using Google Forms to gather feedback. They put links to them on their site or share through Edmodo.

        To take feedback a little further, some teachers are send voice comments to students to make it narrative. Makes it nice to explain where they can improve/progress, allows them to give actionable feedback. They’ve used Kaizea in Google Docs. I will take a look at Showbie! I’ve never used that one. Thank you for sharing that!

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