2015 – The year of change


After taking almost a year off from blogging, I’ve realised a few things…

Firstly, I have felt a sense of guilt for not blogging at all but the little voice inside keeps saying “it’s okay, you’re super busy with the arrival of your second child, your move to the Gold Coast in Queensland, renovating own new home, starting your new position at St Hilda’s School and your ADE commitments. So don’t beat yourself up, just share via twitter. For those interested in following me can do so using my handle @martinezgeek.

Secondly, while twitter is awesome for sharing quick links to resources or thought and reflections, I’ve really missed blogging. I toyed with the idea of deactivating this blog but I simply couldn’t do it for a number of reasons. Whether or not this blog is used by the wider education community, it’s a great way of my own personal reflection on resources and pedagogy that are meaningful to me at a specific moment in time.

And lastly, I need to make time to blog. I cannot over commit and promise a certain number of posts per week or per month but I can say that my blogging hiatus is over. I will continue to share via twitter as well as via my blog.

Thanks for all of the support and positive comments, please be sure to keep sharing this blog with your PLNs and stay tuned for some exciting new posts.




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